The Advantages of A Smart Card Access System

Published: 29th July 2009
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If you have an area that needs secured and you only want certain people access to that area, a card access system should be something that you should consider. Security can be expensive, so everyone wants the best security that they can get without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

You have a room or an entire building that you need to restrict access to and you do not the latest and greatest security out there a card access system might fill your need. Hiring a real person to watch a door or a lobby costs more than just wage; you will to consider benefits, vacation and all the other things that go along with hiring an actual person.

A card access system comes with the software to run the system, door controllers, card reader and access cards. These card systems do not just limit themselves to doors. They can be used in conjunction with turnstiles, as well. These access systems are usually used with other security devices, such as closed circuit cameras.

This system can be used for one main door or for every door that's one or more buildings. This system can track a worker from the time they reach the entrance to the time they leave the property. You can grant somebody access to a building but not give them access to the entire building and all of it facilities.

It doesn't matter if you have three staff or 3,000 staff, they can all be managed with minimal effort. When a worker separates from a company, it isn't likely that anybody, including their chairperson, will remember what they access to. Their complete access can be revoke all at the same time so that there isn't the worry of unhappy worker returning to the property. As staff are promoted, letting them access to further departments will be just as straightforward.

Another benefit to using a card access system is that the software is highly compatible with payroll software. Employees will not have to fill out time sheets or punch a time card. This will also reduce any disputes when someone arrived or left their position. And it eliminates any issues of employees fudging time sheets or having employees punching each other out at the end of the day. This should also reduce the number of people needed for payroll functions.

If you decide on the smart card access system, this will give you additional security if use the smart cards to log employees on and off your network. An IT department will tell you that one of the biggest problems they have is getting employees to log off at the end of the day.

Another would be people forgetting their passwords or writing them down in obvious places around their desks. These issues can result in unauthorized access to your network and the sensitive files that reside there. A card access system is not just about opening a door; it can provide physical and logical protection to your corporation.

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